I accidentally put on too much perfume this morning, and I am dying. If I didn’t have my own office space everyone else would be dying too. Also, it’s three o’clock right now, and I felt like it should have been three o’clock five hours ago. The day is creeping by.

Now it’s almost nine o’clock because I was unexpectedly interrupted with a shit-ton of work that had to be done–get this–after I had been twiddling my thumbs all day with nothing to do and right before I was preparing to leave for the day. Annoying.

Also, can we talk about how Friends is no longer on Netflix because I don’t feel like I was given an opportunity to really mourn that decision. Now when I want some background noise or some guaranteed laughs, I have very few places to turn. Obviously there’s Seinfeld. God help you all if Hulu ever removes it. I’d be one sad and raving lunatic. And yes there’s The Office, which I quote daily and also love. But The Office is a totally different vibe from Friends, and more often than not I’m looking for the Friends vibe. This is like that time they took Everybody Loves Raymond off Netflix and I had nothing to wash the dishes to. I spiraled pretty hard for a week. I’ve been too busy to spiral over Friends, but it’s coming.

Okay, is that enough crazy for one blog post? See you next time, kids!


Hiya & Hello

I’m working this weekend. In New York City! I’m not mad about it. I’m here through Tuesday and I’ve bought tickets to The Lion King. I’m excited, but not like…sitting on the edge of my chair excited. But I wanted to see a Broadway play, and I had either seen the others or wasn’t interested at all in the rest.

A few months ago I bought a pair of shoes for an embarrassing amount of money. One month later I saw that they were on sale for forty percent off. Whhhyyyyyy, Lordt?! Now I’ve got my eyes on a pair of shoes that are absurdly priced, but I’ve learned my lesson. I’m waiting (and hoping) for them to go on sale and to still have my size when they do. I thought that I would wake up after the new year and they would absolutely be on sale, but no such luck yet. I will be there when they do, though!

I’m still working on my skincare Instagram. It’s going well! Last year I worked with six different brands, and that was only in the last couple of months of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes this year.

Ok, I’m going out to find some dinner. It’s weird that I never felt the holiday spirit this time, but I’ve still somehow contracted the post-holiday blues. Hopefully New York can get me out of this funk.




Guys–it’s the last month of another decade. How crazy is time, man? That bitch just keeps marching on, and so do we if we don’t want to be trampled. I’m not really in a reflective mood right now. I’ll just say that, for me, in this decade the good outweighed the bad. And that’s a win.

I’m trying to plan a last minute holiday trip, but it’s difficult because a bunch of hotels are already booked, restaurants already reserved, etc. It’s annoying. But I’m excellent at planning fun trips, so I will not be deterred! For the last several years, if I spent New Years Eve in Atlanta, I had dinner at Bacchanalia. That always had to be booked a year in advance, and that’s only Atlanta. Think of the best restaurants in more glamorous cities! But honestly, this is my fault for waiting until the last minute. Evidently, life isn’t challenging enough for me already!

Guys, even though it’s December and ohmygod how did we get here again so fast, I’m really happy I can drink peppermint hot chocolate and watch Home Alone every day. Also Die Hard. Listen, I’m not going to wade into the debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not, but I will tell you that I loooovvvveeee to watch it at Christmas. Repeatedly. I also love a good sequined dress and December is really the only time it’s easy to wear something like that, you know? Give me all the sequins and all the glitter and all the egg nog and all the vacation time. ‘Tis the season.

I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday, and I hope in this passing decade the good outweighed the bad for you too.


Let’s Do Breakfast

I have mastered cooking breakfast. This is according to my friends–all of whom have no qualms telling me when my cooking sucks–and the Bae, who is a little nicer about it but will essentially tell me this ain’t it, chief. So because they are all such jerks, I feel comfortable believing them when they say my cooking is excellent! Let me tell you what I’ve mastered: scrambled eggs (both regular and truffled!), omelets, frittatas, poached eggs (I mastered this for those times I need to fool a person into thinking I’m elegant and sophisticated), fried eggs, waffles, french toast, and oatmeal (with nuts and spices and raisins–not just plain oatmeal!).

I have not mastered grits, because…why? I was once in line at a buffet type situation and the guy in front of me was spooning grits onto his plate (very slowly!) and I moved around him to the next thing in line, and he was like, “You’re not southern are you? No southern person would ever pass up the grits.” And no–I’m not southern. My grandma used to make them when we went to visit her in Mississippi, but we ate them with butter and sugar. And I’m told that that’s the wrong way to eat them. People are weird about grits, yo.

I also haven’t mastered pancakes but that’s only because I much prefer french toast and waffles. I really want to be good at hash browns but I still haven’t created the perfect onion and spice balance. I will, though!

Next, I am moving on to lunch. Salads and crepes and sandwiches and…stuff. I already make bomb egg salad because my mom used to make it all the time and it’s quick and easy and CHEAP, so I picked it up. I think next I’m going to master the savory crepe. Can you imagine if I’m able to accomplish that?! I would probably make crepe tutorials on Youtube because I wouldn’t be able to shut up about it.

Okay, I’ve gotta go. I’m on my way to Home Depot because I’m on a never-ending quest for the perfect shade of navy to go on my walls.