Unless you’ve spent the days leading up to Christmas with me, it’s impossible to grasp just how much I love this holiday. I love buying and wrapping gifts. I love going to Christmas parties. I love Christmas decorations, watching Home Alone, being around friends and family, eggnog (and Bailey’s!), snow, trying to cook, Christmas music, playing games, everything! I. Love. Christmas.

I’ve been to five holiday parties this month. That’s five times I’ve put on real clothes and makeup and left my house. Willingly. That’s huge for someone who spends January through November weekends like this:

True story.

And those five times don’t even include my birthday party, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve! Guys…December is my month.

I hope all of you have happy, laughter-filled holidays rife with cocktails, cookies, loved-ones, and Kevin McCallister.

Joyeux Noël !

Joyeuse Fête de Hanoucca !