New Hobbies

This morning I woke up to an email from Sephora notifying me that I am $104 dollars away from Rouge status. And I thought, oh yeah! Rouge me up right nice, baby. And then, while opening up the Sephora app on my phone to see what was new, I thought, wait–rouge status is when you spend $1000 in a year…holy shit, I’ve spent almost $1000 in Sephora this year! Then, in the name of responsibility and accountability, I closed the app, showered and dressed…then went to Target.

In retrospect, going to Target was probably a bad idea, too. While at the store, I had the great idea to stock my kitchen with all the equipment I’ve ever read about in cookbooks: a food processor for all the soups and nut butters I envision myself making, a dutch oven for…things that have to be made in a dutch oven, a casserole dish because since the age of eight I’ve really been an eighty-five year old lady dreaming of baking delicious casseroles, a strainer because why don’t I already have one of those, a whisk, ramekins, garlic press…

I went a little overboard, but I do feel ready for anything now–the holidays, birthdays, game nights. Back in September I bought Chrissy Teigen’s second cookbook, and I’m excited to go through and try a bunch of stuff. I’m going to be a really good cook one day, guys. Even if it means that you, my friends, have to eat my subpar meals while I’m getting there.

Anyway, I’m on a self-imposed ban now from Sephora and Target. But, bright side, I’ll have a lot more time to become a domestic goddess. Hit me up if you want some homemade almond butter.

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