Gone Fishing

I’ve been listening to the Beyonce songs on the Lion King soundtrack on repeat for the last few days. My favorites are Mood 4 Eva and Brown Skin Girl. Just a constant, unyielding repeat of those two songs. It may or may not be incredibly annoying to those around me.


This whole week at work was crazy. And since I can’t take vacation time right now, I went for the next best thing–a weekend vacation. To the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee at Blackberry Farm.

I came here a few months ago and L-O-V-E-D it. Then, ONE WEEK after I left I saw on Emmy Rossum’s Insta Stories that she was there. I missed her by ONE WEEK! Gah. I don’t know if you watch Shameless, but I love Fiona (the character she played)! Also, if you don’t watch Shameless, WHY NOT?! It’s so good! And absolutely bananas. But that’s why it’s good!

Anyway, I missed my chance to meet Emmy Rossum, but I thoroughly enjoyed the hotel, and so here we are again. Doing absolutely nothing. Which is exactly what I wanted/needed to do.


I know I could have just stayed at home at did nothing, but could I get this kind of scenery at home?! No. Could I get a heavenly massage, amazing food, and no distractions at home? Nope.



Okay, I’m supposed to be unplugged this weekend so I gotta go. But I will sneak back and post some pictures of the food, which is so beautifully presented that I will absolutely try and fail to copy it at home.

Bon week-end !

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