Glossier is in Atlanta

Glossier opened a pop-up shop in Atlanta last Wednesday, and I…was at work. Then this weekend, the Bae and I rented bikes to ride the beltline, and when we got to Ponce City Market the line at Glossier was circling around the building. There may have been a time I would have stood in a line like that, but that time has long since passed. So today I tiptoed out of work and went. With some friends. As if it were a field trip.


It was delightful. They were burning Byredo candles in the store, and if you follow my beauty and skincare Instagram, you know how I feel about Byredo. Guys…I bought a lot of ish–the perfume, an emerald eyeliner, an exfoliating toner to test out, blush, a lip moisturizer, lip gloss… I really should have left my wallet at work. But now I have fun, glossy new things to play with! I ain’t mad at that.


But now I have to go finish the work I blew off to go to Glossier. Why do I do these things to myself?!



Growing Up & Yoga

Guys, I’m an adult. Legally. But I’m more like an adult child.

I don’t own a raincoat or rain boots. I routinely misplace my umbrella. I don’t wear socks when it’s cold outside. I don’t check the weather before I leave the house. And even if I’m only steps outside of my door and discover that it’s raining out and I’m wearing slides, I just keep moving forward as if it’s impossible to change course. I pack my lunch at night and forget it every single morning. I’ve been driving around with the same bags of clothes in my trunk that I was supposed to drop off at Goodwill last November. What is wrong with me?! Why am I like this?!

I just ordered a raincoat and boots. Cute ones. Finally. That’s a start, I think. I also just came home from hot yoga–my attempt to get more serious about stretching. Sitting a lot of the day really tightens your back and hip muscles. I was able to buy unlimited classes for a month for forty bucks on Groupon. That’s quite a deal!

I had to take my car to the shop on Saturday because it was stalling and sometimes cutting off. Also the engine light came on. I expected the repairs to be finished today but maybe I was too optimistic, because they aren’t. I feel so lost without my car! But I’m trying to be chill about it. It’s only been a few days. Don’t be a brat, Kristin!

Ok guys, I’ve gotta go do my skincare routine. I may act like a child, but these laugh lines ain’t gonna fend themselves off!