The Ivy League

I just completed one of those free 6-week online courses from Harvard. That’s right. Your girl is Harvard educated. Good luck trying to have me not put that spin on things to everyone I encounter.

Well, when I was studying at Harvard… Harvard taught me a lot about myself… I’m very lucky to be Harvard educated…

I’m going to be unbearable.

This morning I ventured out to Home Depot for a few things and then the grocery store. I’m going to try my hand at gyros this Friday, so I had to buy the lamb and the stuff for tzatziki sauce. Actually I had to buy everything for the recipe. I also bought the ingredients for a pesto-based pizza I want to make. It’s gonna be delicious if I can get the crust right.

Guys, Friends is streaming online again starting today on HBO Max! I’m so happy. I’ve missed it so much! Sometimes a girl just needs to detach from the stresses and worries of the real world and laugh at jokes and scenarios she’s watched a thousand times.

Later, kids!


I just cooked the flakiest, most delicate, moistest salmon with the crispiest skin ever.


Don’t fight me on this. I’m telling you the truth.

It was so good the Bae didn’t believe I had actually made it. That’s not entirely his fault, though. In the beginning of our relationship I had one of my friends make him at least a dozen meals that I then passed off as food I cooked myself. The poor thing never knew what hit him when he ate a meal that I actually made.

He was like…


But he had to believe me this time because we haven’t left the house today (my job gave us another month to work from home!). Also I’ve been getting really good at cooking more things, and he knows that.


His birthday was last Friday, and instead of stressing us both out, I opted for carry-out. Bacchanalia is his favorite restaurant (in Atlanta), and they started curbside service. So I ordered a day in advance, picked it up on Friday, and voila! We usually only go once a year (NYE), but we’re in a freaking pandemic, y’all. The rules don’t apply anymore. I did make his favorite cheesecake, though, because I’m really good at cheesecakes. I promise. Better than the vanilla bean cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory? I don’t know. That’s a high bar. But my cheesecake slaps. I wouldn’t lie about cheesecake.

Guys, my vitamin D dipped to dangerous levels, and I didn’t even know it. My legs have been aching so much and my muscles felt really weak, and I was extremely down in the dumps. Turns out it was a severe vitamin D deficiency, and since I’ve been taking my prescribed supplements I’m one hundred percent better. I’m telling you this so that you make sure to get the vitamin D you need. It’s important.

Also, guys, please be careful and wear your masks and stay a safe distance from people. Even though the states are opening up again and we’re all sick as fuck of covid, there’s still a risk, and I want us all to stay healthy and vigilant.

Alright, kids…until next time.


Discovering & Rediscovering

Guys, I have to go back to work in two weeks. Help. I’m not ready. The United States is not ready. I’m still deciding on what to do. Meanwhile, I’ve been taking lots of long, luxurious showers and baths, perfecting the art of daily naps, celebrating the fact that leggings and sweatpants are not only acceptable, but the most appropriate choice, and signing up for way too many wine clubs.

I have purchased a stupid amount of drawer organizers, foot peels, deep conditioners, and canned goods. One day my cousins kept me hostage on a Zoom video chat for over an hour. I ended up enjoying most of it, but I’m not the type of girl who enjoys long phone calls with nothing to say. Even in quarantine. But I love them all madly, even in an annoying situation.

I have rediscovered salads. Salads with a mountain of olives and goat cheese and bell peppers. How/when did I forget my love of salads? Also my love of ice cream but let’s not discuss that. I have cooked just about everything that Chrissy Teigen has cooked on her Instagram stories, in addition to crepes. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve gotten really good at crepes. Now I’m trying to master fried chicken without frequently cooking fried chicken. How does that work?

One day I organized and cleaned out all of the kitchen cabinets, cleaned out the fridge, organized my kitchen gadgets, and ordered everything that I thought was missing. The next day I watched television for sixteen hours straight. I’m not exaggerating. I wish I could say that quarantine was making me super productive, but that would be a lie. Most days I’m just napping, scrolling Instagram, and eking out things that need to be done, like laundry.

The Bae ordered flooring for the basement, and I’m excited at the thought of a pretty, finished basement, but annoyed at having to help. I used to be really indignant during my teens when my mom would call me lazy, but now I’m just ready to accept it. I’m lazy. Don’t ask me to enjoy housework. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Flooring the basement is happening, though. So I’ve just got to suck it up. Since I’ve been exercising and stretching, my lower back has ceased to hurt so it seems I don’t have anymore excuses. I’m kind of shocked at the advantages of exercise, kids. Not gonna lie.

I think that’s all the updates I have for you today! I’ve gotta go build my immune system.