I’m on an emotional rollercoaster with this COVID-19 catastrophe. Some days I’m chilling, snuggled up on the couch, binge-watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Other days I’m spiraling into the depths of worst case scenarios and despair. Annoyingly, I figured out that regular exercise really does improve my mood and keep the spiraling at bay. So now my options are freak the fuck out or exercise. I grudgingly choose exercise. Who knew endorphins were a real thing?

I have also tried to keep a somewhat normal schedule because I am very lucky to be working from home. But sometimes you can find me drinking coffee at 11pm and FaceTiming with my west coast friends or cracking up at Seinfeld until three in the morning. It started with me drinking coffee at 11pm as an experiment to see if it would keep me up all night. I fell asleep immediately afterward. Then, I did it again because I was bored and wanted coffee. And that time I couldn’t sleep to save my life. And now here we are.

I ordered the ingredients to make savory crepes, so that’s what I’ll be working on tomorrow. I’ve gotta throw myself into things if I’m gonna make it through this. But I also need to lie on the couch and discover new shows. So far, I’ve watched The Banker (soooo good), some Hulu movies that I can’t remember the names of (some good, some so stupid), Die Hard (twice in one day) and Die Hard 3. I have also read some books and practiced French. I hesitate to say that I’m bored because a character on one of my favorite shows (Mad Men) once said, “Only boring people are bored,” and I really felt that, ya know? I will not be that person!

Stay safe and sane, guys. Let me know what you’re doing to stay in good spirits!

Bisous !

Glossier is in Atlanta

Glossier opened a pop-up shop in Atlanta last Wednesday, and I…was at work. Then this weekend, the Bae and I rented bikes to ride the beltline, and when we got to Ponce City Market the line at Glossier was circling around the building. There may have been a time I would have stood in a line like that, but that time has long since passed. So today I tiptoed out of work and went. With some friends. As if it were a field trip.


It was delightful. They were burning Byredo candles in the store, and if you follow my beauty and skincare Instagram, you know how I feel about Byredo. Guys…I bought a lot of ish–the perfume, an emerald eyeliner, an exfoliating toner to test out, blush, a lip moisturizer, lip gloss… I really should have left my wallet at work. But now I have fun, glossy new things to play with! I ain’t mad at that.


But now I have to go finish the work I blew off to go to Glossier. Why do I do these things to myself?!




I accidentally put on too much perfume this morning, and I am dying. If I didn’t have my own office space everyone else would be dying too. Also, it’s three o’clock right now, and I felt like it should have been three o’clock five hours ago. The day is creeping by.

Now it’s almost nine o’clock because I was unexpectedly interrupted with a shit-ton of work that had to be done–get this–after I had been twiddling my thumbs all day with nothing to do and right before I was preparing to leave for the day. Annoying.

Also, can we talk about how Friends is no longer on Netflix because I don’t feel like I was given an opportunity to really mourn that decision. Now when I want some background noise or some guaranteed laughs, I have very few places to turn. Obviously there’s Seinfeld. God help you all if Hulu ever removes it. I’d be one sad and raving lunatic. And yes there’s The Office, which I quote daily and also love. But The Office is a totally different vibe from Friends, and more often than not I’m looking for the Friends vibe. This is like that time they took Everybody Loves Raymond off Netflix and I had nothing to wash the dishes to. I spiraled pretty hard for a week. I’ve been too busy to spiral over Friends, but it’s coming.

Okay, is that enough crazy for one blog post? See you next time, kids!