Good News & Vacation

My dad is going to be okay. I’ve known for a couple of days, but writing that out felt like jinxing him. What can I say–I’m freaking traumatized and irrational. But also relieved.

But… Also traumatized.

He will need some speech and physical therapy, but there was no permanent damage. He’s pretty lucky.

My (adult) sister does this thing where she screams and hollers and huffs and puffs when something is upsetting her and when you ask her what’s wrong, she dramatically gasps, “I just can’t even talk about it right now!” And nothing makes me roll my eyes harder than when she does that. So I’m not going to do that, but I am going to move on to a lighter/happier topic!

Tracee Ellis Ross is launching a hair care line! I woke up early this morning, scrolled through Instagram in a semi-conscious state, saw the news and–I swear this is true–started reaching around in the dark (on my nightstands) saying, “Where’s my wallet?” The Bae shook his head in wonderment and told me to get a grip. But see, I don’t tell him to get a grip when he’s trying to get basketball season tickets, do I? Nope, because I know it’s pointless. Just like it’s pointless to try to stop me from buying every product in this new launch. I couldn’t this morning, though, because it doesn’t launch until the 9th. But I’ll be ready!

Tomorrow we’re leaving for our first and last summer vacation of the year. It’s been ninety days at my new job and I’m officially able to take advantage of my vacation time! Oh yeah, and benefits too, of course. Don’t want to forget about those!

I also don’t want to forget to pack alllll of my straw hats, so I’ve gotta go. Have a great week!


The Robe Can Wait

Remember when India Arie sang “sometimes I shave my legs, and sometimes I don’t/sometimes I comb my hair, and sometimes I won’t“? I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE SEEN.

I’m currently lying on the bed trying to decide if I should do my hair. I mean… I assume so, but I don’t feel like it so I’m looking for any feedback that says it’s not necessary. Tell me what I want to hear, guys. Agree with me.  Please.

I don’t know how it happened but I agreed to go out tonight. On a Tuesday. For a while I thought about how I could get out of it, but then I remembered that I just bought a(nother) pair of snakeskin boots, and this could be a good opportunity to wear them. Are we all aware of my chronic condition that doesn’t allow me to walk away from snakeskin in a store? I can’t do it. I am physically unable.

Anyway I’m gonna wear my boots and my boots dictate that I wear a smoky eye and a smoky eye mandates some big hair.


I don’t make the rules.

Not gonna lie, though. When I went to search for that Beyonce gif, I typed in “Beyonce Hair” and every single one that popped up made me want to do my hair. I should’ve done that hours ago.

One of my best friends got a promotion, and we’re going out to celebrate with her. We’ve all gotta wake up early in the morning, so I don’t foresee us being out all night. But if we are, I guess that’s okay. Celebrating a friend is more important than (one night’s) sleep!