The Robe Can Wait

Remember when India Arie sang “sometimes I shave my legs, and sometimes I don’t/sometimes I comb my hair, and sometimes I won’t“? I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE SEEN.

I’m currently lying on the bed trying to decide if I should do my hair. I mean… I assume so, but I don’t feel like it so I’m looking for any feedback that says it’s not necessary. Tell me what I want to hear, guys. Agree with me.  Please.

I don’t know how it happened but I agreed to go out tonight. On a Tuesday. For a while I thought about how I could get out of it, but then I remembered that I just bought a(nother) pair of snakeskin boots, and this could be a good opportunity to wear them. Are we all aware of my chronic condition that doesn’t allow me to walk away from snakeskin in a store? I can’t do it. I am physically unable.

Anyway I’m gonna wear my boots and my boots dictate that I wear a smoky eye and a smoky eye mandates some big hair.


I don’t make the rules.

Not gonna lie, though. When I went to search for that Beyonce gif, I typed in “Beyonce Hair” and every single one that popped up made me want to do my hair. I should’ve done that hours ago.

One of my best friends got a promotion, and we’re going out to celebrate with her. We’ve all gotta wake up early in the morning, so I don’t foresee us being out all night. But if we are, I guess that’s okay. Celebrating a friend is more important than (one night’s) sleep!